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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ADHD coaching, and how can it benefit me?

Can your consulting service assist our organisation in creating a neurodiverse and ADHD-inclusive work environment?

What makes my coaching approach different from other ADHD coaching programs?

Who can benefit from ADHD coaching? Is it just for individuals with ADHD?

Can you explain the structure of your 12-week coaching program for individuals with ADHD?

I'm not sure if I have ADHD, but I'm struggling in my career. Can your coaching help me?

What can I expect from a coaching strategy call or discovery session?

Do you offer online courses?  If so, how are your online courses structured, and what topics do they cover?

What does your consulting service offer in terms of neurodiversity and ADHD education?

Do you offer coaching for both professionals and leaders with ADHD?

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