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I am on a mission to champion neuro-inclusive workplaces where labels aren't needed and differences are celebrated.

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Hi, I’m Julie:

Why is neurodiversity and ADHD so important to me?


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I'm not your typical ADHD coach

I will help you make sense of how to work best with the beautiful ADHD brain so that you can be at your best.  

I get you, because as well as being an experienced Leader, business owner and ADHD coach, I have ADHD too. I know how challenging it can be daily, so I’m on a mission to make ADHD tools and resources accessible to individuals, leaders and organisations. 

I’m not your typical ADHD Coach. I’m a qualified coach (Brain Based Coaching and IECL 1 & 2) with 30 years experience working in corporates and leading teams and a shed load of qualifications:

  • Diploma in Positive Pyschology and Wellbeing
  • Master Strengths Practitioner
  • Mindfulness Teaching
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Accredited Mental Health First Aider
  • Masters in Management
  • And there’s more where that came from 😁

If you haven’t figured out who I am already, then let me tell you a little bit more.

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Why work with Me?

I am passionate about helping organisations embrace the power of neurodiversity. With over 30 years of leadership experience and a proven track record of driving change and increasing capability, I am here to support you on your journey towards creating strength-based teams and leveraging the unique talents of neurodiverse individuals.

I'm an ADHD coach, and an ADHDer, so I really get what it's like for people who are neurodiverse in the business world. I've led teams all over the place, I run my own business, and have done consulting in all sorts of industries. I know the ups and downs of putting together great teams and making things work.

But here's the thing – when hardly anyone's unemployed, people keep switching jobs, and burnout's through the roof, we've got to start thinking differently about diversity and inclusion. My own experiences put me in a spot where I can offer fresh ideas and real solutions. How about we shake things up a bit?

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Wait, there's more...

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RISE: My Values Acronym


embracing our true selves, fostering an environment of honesty, vulnerability, and genuine connections.


create meaningful change and leave a lasting impact.


help clients identify and unleash their unique strengths, unlocking their brilliance for remarkable achievements.


empower clients with tools, support, and inspiration to take control of their growth journey and build capability along the way.

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