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THRIVE 1:1 ADHD Leadership Coaching Program

Unlock opportunities and achieve your goals

Unleash confidence, self belief and capability

Banish burnout with effective energy and time management

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Want to banish corporate burnout and thrive - here’s what you need to know?

Watch my Recorded Masterclass: How to banish burnout at work.

There are some key fundamentals that you need to understand to help you manage your ADHD successfully.

ADHD Fundamentals

How your brain works and what you need to make it work better for you.

Connecting Strengths and Career

We’ll look at your Strength Profile and delve into how you use these Strengths in your current role and how we align them for your career. 

Mastering your Wellbeing

We’ll look at your wellbeing holistically and prioritise the important stuff including mindfulness.  

Banish Bullsh&t thinking

Your brain is always listening, so we need to feed it the right stuff and self-compassion. Let’s remove the BS stories and build self-trust and confidence.


What are they and how do you use them strategically, and how do you manage them?

How you work

Let’s talk work strategies, relationships, expectations and boundaries.  This is a biggie! 

Work with your superpower NOT against it

Connect with Julie. Let’s do a strategy session or a coffee zoom so that we can figure out your needs and how I can help you.

Strategy Call with Julie

Julie’s approach to coaching was tailored to my style.  She spent time understanding what made me tick and how to turn some of my passions into something intentional, and then helped me develop a clear plan for my team and what’s next. I would definitely recommend booking time with Julie.”

Dan - Coaching Client

Julie is empowering, thoughtful and authentic, and engaging with Julie is one of the best decisions I have made for my career.  I recommend Julie to everyone.

Jem - Coaching Client

Julie helped me understand how I can leverage my strengths to build a successful transition plan for my new leadership role. I came away from our sessions, clearer on the balance I needed to create to feel happier and be more successful.

Sarah - Coaching Client

With Julie’s coaching, I feel that as a result of our coaching, I’ve got a better grip on the habits that make me feel good and that my emotional toolkit is stronger, allowing me to feel calmer. I feel like I’ve got momentum on all fronts.

Zane - Coaching Client
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