Navigating the corporate world with ADHD?
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Courses that are designed by an ADHD brain for ALL brains.

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From masterclasses to deep-dive programs, embrace a transformative journey designed to be brain friendly.

Unlock your brain's potential with my tailor-made courses! Drawing from a deep knowledge on ADHD, neurodiversity, and the latest in neuroscience research, my offerings fuse positive psychology, wellbeing and firsthand corporate experience. Whether you're an ADHD professional seeking to excel or an HR leader aiming to support neurodiverse talent, my courses are designed with you in mind.

Dive into masterclasses, benefit from personalised 1:1 coaching, or embark on transformative self-guided or group programs. It's time to turn ADHD traits into unparalleled strengths in the workplace.

Do you have an ADHD Brain?

Are you a HR
professional supporting managers
and ADHDers?

Are you a leader?

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Free Masterclass:

Preventing Corporate ADHD Burnout

Preventing burnout is the first step in thriving in your corporate career as a professional with ADHD. This 60 minute masterclass will equip you with strategies so that you can thrive and avoid burnout.

Live free 60 minute session on the 1st November at 11am (AEST). 

COMING SOON: Unlock the power of your ADHD

I could not be more excited to launch this program and I wish this had been available 3 years ago.  Better late than never – right?

If you have just been diagnosed with ADHD and are clear as mud, then this 6 week group coaching program is for you.

You’ll leave armed with everything you need to know about your beautiful brain and how to manage it so you can be effective and thrive!

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The FOCUS Framework Masterclass

Join the FREE Masterlass unlocking the 5 step blueprint transforming chaos into FOCUS for corporate ADHD Leaders

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The ADHD Advantage: An HR Guide to Empowering Neurodiversity

Unlock the Potential of ADHD Talent in Your Organisation so that you can harness their strengths and achieve the goals of your business.

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Neurodiversity at work (2 hours)

This 2 hour workshop provides managers or team members an overview of Neurodiversity

  • What is neurodiversity and the different types
  • The strengths and challenges
  • General accommodations
  • Strategies for recruiting and hiring
  • Managing wellbeing at work
Education on Neurodiversity Workshop Masterclass image
Managing and Motivating Your ADHD Team Member ADHD masterclass image


From Challenge To Champion:
Managing And Motivating Your ADHD Team Member.

Now here’s a session created especially for people managers who have ADHD team members, and want to do a better job of supporting them so that they can thrive.

What’s it about:
Discover the power within your ADHD team member. This masterclass delves deep into the unique attributes and strengths of ADHD professionals, offering people managers actionable strategies to amplify productivity, boost team cohesion, and foster an environment where every individual thrives. Equip yourself with the insights, tools, and techniques to lead with confidence and transform your management approach.

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